Ok I am in need of an explanation...

not opinion, not how this will affect such and such.

I want an explanation of what the health care bill that passed the senate stipulates.
I can make up my own mind what it means for me and to the country...yadaa, yadda.....
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Could be TMI .........

Today we were out doing things for the business and had been on my feet a bit.
This led to very cranky legs and feet due to the leg issues I have. (numbness, pain, burning, etc.)
  I still had a bit to do when we needed to go to target.

I have to say that today I want to thank the inventor of the electric cart.
It made the Target run so much less painful. I don't usually use them but I decided the pain was bad enough to
do so today and it was a much more enjoyable trip because of it.

I will be baking a cake for a certain guy's birthday tomorrow.
Really he is a girly he is getting a rose shaped cake.....teehee.
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Old dragons never die.....

they just hide in their caves.

I guess I have been hiding a bit, or hibernating I guess.

Getting out and doing things is getting harder. I hate to talk about it much because I do not like sounding like the old aunt that only talks about what is wrong with her.
Suffice it to say that the walking for long periods of time gets harder, with balance and such and well as pain and numbness.

If you are missing seeing me, drop a note and we can make it work.

I love to have company and I promise to put tea on or whatever you like....
I have inventory to do as well and Joleen is helping with that. If others want to come help us count and peruse pretty stones they are welcome.
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Fourth Street Convention...

Do not forget this convention is on the horizon.

Elise is mentioning the possibility of doing some lessons or a class in jewelry.

I was thinking about holding one in design. I do not know if anyone would be interested but this could be useful not just for jewelers.
 "Personal Style and Design, finding your focus", would be a good way to put the class I am thinking of.

Of course, I am sure everyone is so busy that weekend with it being TC Pride and all.

Anyway, let me know what people think.