August 30th, 2010


Hired.....and then not.

So I got a job last week after a year and a half or more of searching. It seemed like a good thing. The pay was a bit low, but they were willing to be flexible once in a while so I cold still do some conventions and art shows with the jewelry.

It was described as a desk job, dispatching, paperwork, exec assist type stuff.
Towards the end of last week they started talking about me having to lift parts , boxes,and equipment.
This was not even in the job description. I told them that I have a back injury and can't lift more than 20lbs from the floor.

When I came to work this morning they told me I was being let go since I can't lift and they can't work around it.

So...let go for a disability...lovely....

Ah, back to the search...
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