Taking a moment....

at work to post just a short bit. I haven't been to LJ in a while and
I do not know why. I have been quite busy with finishing my degree
and that will end sometime the begining of next year. I also am working ful time
at Gillette Children's hospital and still making jewelry and doing shows, conventions, etc.

Busy girl!

I will be at Spanish Wine Festival this Saturday at the St. Croix Winery in Wisconsin.
That should be a lot of fun.

Anyway. I have to go back to work and tonight I have homework and making sparkly fun stuff.

Maybe some WOW if I can fit it in......
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Hired.....and then not.

So I got a job last week after a year and a half or more of searching. It seemed like a good thing. The pay was a bit low, but they were willing to be flexible once in a while so I cold still do some conventions and art shows with the jewelry.

It was described as a desk job, dispatching, paperwork, exec assist type stuff.
Towards the end of last week they started talking about me having to lift parts , boxes,and equipment.
This was not even in the job description. I told them that I have a back injury and can't lift more than 20lbs from the floor.

When I came to work this morning they told me I was being let go since I can't lift and they can't work around it.

So...let go for a disability...lovely....

Ah, back to the search...
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Whoa, fun, tired, busy.......

I had a great time being on the one panel I did. I hope that in the future there will be more I will feel I could add to.

I also had a great time playing Bellatrix LaStrange. She is such a fun bad guy to play.
I also enjoyed the time playing Mrs. Wonka in the Wonka room party. 

It was lovely to see everyone.
Hope you all had a good time too.
Beautiful Tiger

Applying myself....

I have been applying to quite a few positions. This is only different than it has been of late becuse now there seem to be more positions to apply to. I had an interview last week and am hoping to be called back. The hard part is that I am so overqualified for a lot of  what is available.

We will see........I am sure the right position will come along.

Wonka's Night Out - Fund Raiser

We are having a silent auction of things donated to raise money for the Wonka Room at Convergence.
Many of you said that if we had let you know you would have gladly donated last year in order to have the Wonka Party.

Here is your chance to donate and get something for it. Click on the link below and it will go to the auction pieces we have up on
LJ. Thank you. We still need help to make our goal and be able to have Wonka's Night Out!

auction pieces


Headed to Demicon.

I am packing tonight for Demicon. This will be the first away from home con that I will be doing without Daniel. He will be at Springcon.
I am trying to pack accordingly, read that lighter, but it's not working.

I have some piratey garb since the theme is pirates. I also made pirate inspired jewelry.
Everyone who makes a purchase gets free pirate loot.

I am looking forward to having fun and am traveling down with a friend and sharing a room with him.
It should be a good time.

Spreading the news.....

I wanted to bring some attention to a Kilt maker that has been going great guns.ven been noted on Dress 2 Kilt Europe as a good American kilt maker.They are making things like crazy and have been very well received. I absolutely adore their kilt that is purple and black on their website.
Go check them out.

Kilt This

Update .....

I have been finding that heat helps somewhat with the leg issues.
Hot baths and a hot pad are great comforts.

I am also loving baths as they are almost the only time my legs feel (mostly) normal.
I am out of lush, which sucks.

Anyone have a good line on Lush Bath Bombs?......I barter......

I also need a recliner so I can sit comfortably with my legs up.
If anyone knows of one being given away or that is very cheap please let me know.

whoohooo!!!! Price cuts...

I just lowered some more prices on the Mohr Creations sale that ends at the end of the month.
Don't forget to link and let us know so you can get entered to win the diamond pendant.

I am trying to get some room in inventory for new things and ideas.

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